Йога табір



Location of yoga camp – protected Ukrainian Carpathians.

Immediate proximity to nature enhances the feeling of unity at the human body with the universe. The concept Yoga in the broadest sense, translated as Unity Union. The system Shyvanady “Sahaja dhauti Kriya” means “purification elements: air, water, sun, inner fire.” At their best, the system operates in a pure environment.

Season 2016 will be held near the resort bruises in Mukachevo district, Transcarpathian region. Private estate, which houses the camp otochuyuye mixed forest. It was built on the shores of pure mountain stream Synyavka.Rooms double, triple, with all amenities and well furnished. Simultaneously host up to 20 people. In the territory – bath with wood, herbal tub.

Training will be conducted in the open air, or adverse weather in the hall.

Indoor estate – own kitchen where cooks prepare our and dining room, which nakryvatymutsya tables for eating.

Location camp – resort area balneoklimatychnoho bruises. Place is surrounded by mountains, is located in a charming wooded corner of the Carpathians at an altitude of 420-450 m. Above sea level, in the foothills of the Carpathian volcanic ridge in the mountains bruises (722 m) in the forest conservation area, close to the unique a source of hydrogen sulphide water. Synyatska hydrogen sulphide water, bluish whose name and causes health center gives great results in the treatment of diseases, musculoskeletal system, nervous system and others.

On the north side is Mount Hodenvald, towering rocky outcrops top left Obavskoho Stone (1007 m. – The remains of a volcano crater once rapid Tertiary period) For the past 20 million. Years passed from the time the flame and lava ceased to disturb the peace of this scenic areas. Right Obavskoho stone towering mountain top Booze (902m.), Further extends massif – Solochynskyy top, tops and slopes which are densely covered with centenary beech, interspersed with thin spruces and firs. There is rapid mountain river Synyavka. The climate in the area with mild winters and relatively warm summers neharyachym. The snow cover appears late December and held until early April. The average annual rainfall is about 600mm. Gorgeous mixed forest saturates the air with oxygen, intoxicating aroma of herbs. Meets beech, spruce, fir, sometimes birch, hornbeam. In the forest a lot of berries: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. And mushrooms: white, bruises, boletus, Golubinka, mushrooms and t.inshi.

Optionally, in agreement with the sanatorium bruises, it is possible to purchase a one-day “authorization” procedures on some resort. They individually, after consultation, the doctor prescribes the resort. The resort, except for medicinal mud pools, pump rooms with curative water, a large swimming pool.

Tourist trips to plan Beregovsky Kosinski and thermal pools. Tours of the historical places of Transcarpathia, castles, museums. We organize hiking in the mountains, bike riding.