Йога табір



The philosophy of yoga camp “Prana” is to give people the knowledge and skills of yoga therapy by Sri Swami Shyvanady, called Sahaja dhauti Kriya. Their assimilation will help you adjust lifestyle and gain sustainable good health, positive attitude to the world.

We teach the practice of cleaning the body, restoring the immune system, strengthen the body yogic techniques (asanas, pranayama, bandhy, cut). Power yoga exercises (Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga vin’yasa) provide as part of the overall set of measures to restore and maintain health and quality of life.

The basis of treatment and prevention is a clean, restore and strengthen the physical body. The first step is clean.The main issue on which there is most diseases of modern mankind is pollution the body, primarily because of unhealthy diet, unbalanced elements in the body, an incorrect motor mode and, as a result, suppression of internal defense system – the immune system, which from nature, old, endowed each person.

We work recognized by worldwide doctor ayurveda, yoga therapist Sri Swami Sivananda, founder of «Sahaja-dhauti-Kriya”. That’s the thesis of his book “A New Look at modern yoga therapy”:

“Yoga therapy – a reliable, proven practice of several millennia treatment system based on the methods of conscious awakening forces of the organism. With Yoga Therapy virtually any functional disorders are most organic disorders, respiratory diseases and circulatory system, digestive system, blood, endocrine and musculoskeletal, neuro-psychiatric disorders, urogenital diseases, chronic inflammation of the consequences injuries, operations, poisoning, radiation exposure, infectious diseases, immune system disorders, allergic reactions, weakening the body’s adaptive abilities and others.

Yoga therapy – is also a natural, harmonious and reliable methods of rehabilitation, recreation and health, lost due to the body being under pressure from hard psychological, environmental and other stressful situations.

Drug techniques and methods of treatment using external influence (extrasensory influence, manipulation, etc.) Are not supported by the efforts of the patient to victory over the causes of diseases, make a person a slave, because it does not cure it, but only eliminate some violations, deeply rooted in the very human person, in his mind. With this treatment causes disease is not eradicated and after a while give the same shoots, and sometimes even more intricate pathologies. Again, need an external force. So sufferer gets a firm reliance on any external benefactor – a doctor or healer.

Yoga therapy offers people the means by which it can remove not only symptomatic manifestations, but also personal and karmic roots diseases – consciously and creatively to change his identity to use the reserves of its own body and its interaction with the world, on their own, they would achieve full healing without getting into any addiction. “

Therefore, a comprehensive approach to sustainability is the result:

1) periodic cleaning of the body by Sahaja -dhauti-Kriya;

2) systematic practice of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga – Yoga vin’yasa;

3) mandatory compliance “sattvic” food.

ATTENTION! The first round of yoga spend 5-8 March 2016. Time to register!