Йога табір




Attribute yoga camp is vegetarian cuisine. A complete cleaning of the body on a physical, mental, energy levels is possible only if complete failure of products that pollute body, “block” the immune system. Symbiotic intestinal microflora is able to synthesize protein in the required amount of hydrocarbon products.

Vegetarian cuisine, in addition to the many grains, beans, fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, spices include dairy products origin. Milk used only natural, home; in many dishes using paneer – cheese made from milk home. A balanced diet that we offer, providing enough energy for an active lifestyle and restore physical strength, increase in the physical properties of a beloved age category.

Optionally, you can learn the skill of cooking Indian and world cuisine yoga. Our chefs with extensive experience servicing yoga festivals and international yoga camps (Ratha Inish-Ireland), will provide all interested cooking classes.

(The human body – the microcosm, unit and component boundless universe. Therefore all events macrocosm affect our well-being, health and life in general. Just as each of us to some degree affects the macrocosm. The origins of vegetarian meals are on the mental level: the realization that you have no right to inflict harm nature that surrounds us in the first place – not to kill living beings and not to participate in their murder, not eat their flesh. This awareness is the basis of treatment – both bodily and mental the level of the body.)

We provide exemplary three-day menu:

First   day:

Breakfast: sweet rice with raisins, dried apricots and nuts, yoha- tea with bun;
Lunch: dal (bean soup eastern) sabdzhy (vegetable stew with paneer), chapatis (Indian bread), Lemonade with mint. Khiri (Indian festive meal);
Dinner: veggie burger, greek salad with spinach, hot milk with oriental sweets.

Second day:

Breakfast: oatmeal with homemade yogurt and fruit platter, cookies;
Lunch: soup vegetarian, sabdzhy with broccoli and peppers, rice with turmeric and tomatoes, Asian salad with oranges, spinach, avocado; Puri (fried Indian pita);
Dinner: rice with spinach, hot milk with turmeric, chapatis or biscuits.

Third Day

Breakfast: sweet carrot Khiri, halava, yoga tea;
Lunch: soup with spinach or mushrooms, vegetables sabdzhy, vegetarian pizza, Ginger-Birr (ginger carbonated drink);
Dinner: salad, baked potatoes and paneer “hauranha” hot milk with turmeric.

During the day, guests of the camp have the opportunity to drink tea and yoga ‘snack, provided by “baking every time.